A nation without a country


Our Story is your story.

Let’s embark on this journey together


We are what it says on the tin

We possess a burning desire to challenge
ourselves, gather information and knowledge
and get exposure to the unfamiliar.

We want you to be you! We promote
the freedom to live life as you choose.

Trust is the foundation on which we build
every relationship. Through transparency and honesty, we create a safe space to thrive together.

Diversity is at the foundation of our identity
and we want you to feel welcome, no matter
your background.

We believe that your background
should not define your destination.

We stand for what we believe in, take
responsibility and make things happen.

Come and join the WorkNomads journey and
let’s create the future of work-life balance.

On the Stage… Meet the team

We’re a team with a backpack full of different backgrounds, experiences and nationalities. Yet, we all encountered the same challenges in our work lives. It brought us together to brainstorm about the future way of living and working… the new nomadic economy proposition was born, by empowering people to live life their way, offering flexible coliving and remote and project-based jobs.

Behind the scenes

We don’t believe in titles we believe in people, so we don’t have managers, vice-presidents, directors in our team. Instead, we have spotters, universe booster, queen bee, it wizard, gadget designer, alchemist, sparkling fairies, and many more 😊. We like to work as much as possible with a flat management structure and let people stand up and take responsibility when it’s their level of expertise or their drive to do so.

Let’s meet some of our superstars:


Content Wizard

Spice, videos and engaging content is all our content wizard needs for her to put a spell on you. You can catch her on the run for new stories and jumping up and down to get that perfect shot! Always coming up with ideas, beware of her magic reach.


Community Activist

No communication is left unnoticed. Our communication specialist has an ear at every corner of the office and gives a helping hand to every working bee in our hive. His green ideas about sustainability and equality can make the World a better place for every each of us!


Art Master

The man behind the graphic! Art Master strikes again with amazing visuals all over our website and social media. Heads start turning as his creativity comes through the door! A musical junkie that never leaves home without his headphones. His mission is to earn the right to play psychedelic rock on the coworking space. Gamer that loves DOTA as an e-sport. Great admirer of awkward handshakes.


To create a nation without a country


Designing a new nomadic economy by
empowering people to live life their
way, offering flexible coliving and
remote and project-based jobs

The official part

Our company details are

WorkNomads AD

Company number UIC 206502669

VAT BG206502669

Our registered office is located @ 2 Samokovsko Shosse Str, Gorublyane District, Mladost Municipal Region, Sofia 1138, Bulgaria
Our amazing WN LAB Hotel is located @
Doctor Yordan Yosifov 1A, 1700 Sofia, Bulgaria