WorkNomads is a global
employer for Digital Nomads


People relocated

Remote countries worldwide

As a Remote Engineering Consulting Company
WorkNomads offers an engineered
lifestyle for Digital Nomads
We foster the flexible brain flexible life philosophy
from our own coliving & coworking
WorkNomads LAB hotel



work for you


work for us

We hire you as our employee in Bulgaria and unleash your amazing talents
remotely to projects worldwide

Live amongst your nomadic colleagues in our WN LAB Hotel in Sofia for
minimum six months

Explore our partnership residences around the    for the rest of the year

Check out our current nomadic careers and
join our new nomadic economy!

Experienced or newbie
digital nomad?

We will be your tour guide and human chatbot throughout the whole adventure!

Anything you need for your convenience and independence…

Visa/work permit, flexible housing, opening bank accounts, private health insurance you name it.

We do it!

The WorkNomads LAB hotel


We have put up our nomadic tents against the backdrop of Vitosha mountain in Sofia.

A vibrant city full of start-ups and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

A 4* hotel transformed in a hybrid coliving experience with 120 private ensuite rooms fully furnished and access to communal kitchens.

Amazing coworking space, cinema room, restaurant, parking and to top it off our epic rooftop terrace!


Discover our spaces

Eager to see it all? Check out our full
virtual tour of the WN Lab Hotel

Don’t be the last one to catch
the wave. Join us now.

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Get your Sh… Things Together:
3 Useful Tools For Better
Work-Life Balance


WorkNomads’ ESG report for 2023


To create a nation without a country


Designing a new nomadic economy by
empowering people to live life their
way, offering flexible coliving and
remote and project-based jobs

Innovative Company

Forbes Business Award

2023 Finalist

Project Management

Bulgarian Project Management Awards

2023 Winner

Nomad Coliving

Coliving Awards

2023 Winner

ESG Compliance

Sustainability Rating

May 2024 Top 35%

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Join our new nomadic economy and let’s create a nation without a country.


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The Earth is our home and we should be all free to explore it. Join the freedom lab.

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