How to save or invest your money

By a 22-year old employee

16 Feb 2023
Gabriel Parev

This text wasn’t supposed to be an article, but coming from a young person, it would definitely come out as some not-so-big yet personal experience.

Remembering high school and considering the fact that I am currently at university, sadly these are not the places where I was taught how to take money, let alone save or invest it. I really hope it was not the same case for you, but for me it was a more personal experience, then failure and then success, and up until now – still the case.

Okay, I am not going to drift that much from the main topic.  

So the question is

”What to do with the limited amount of money you get when you are still a young employee? ”

My simplest answer would be… spend it! And I will allow myself to quote a Bulgarian ex-minister Atanas Burov, who says something in the lines of: “Money makes more money, and little money goes to big money, rather than the opposite”.


When you are young and you have finally started earning your own money, and it seems to be a decent amount, it might be just the time to start wondering how to spend it. The 20s of a human being is the stage when someone could afford to risk more. Why not investing a little in that hobby which has been in your mind forever? Maybe you have had a business idea? The truth is that the “right” time for a risk will never come. Rather, it has to be taken. Or not… 

My take on the topic is: spend the money, that you earn very hard as a young employee, but fully enjoy the things that you spent it for. Ideally – spend money for things that you love and try to make those things multiply your income.


When it comes to the ‘experts’ on the topic, they often suggest building an emergency fund (which is not necessarily a bad idea), start saving early for retirement, do not spend too much, take care of your taxes in time and so on. It is of course a question of how much money you want to end up with in your bank account at the end of your 20s. I am sure that saving for retirement would not do the trick though. At least not for everybody.


Overall, enjoy your time. Brace the process of growing and spending. Learn from the mistakes you make, while walking the path. In the end… it might just end up AMAZING!


And, yes! Definitely keep little money aside!

After all, little money goes to big money!

Would you spend or save your money? Comment below

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