It has become fashionable to talk about ESG however for us @WorkNomads this is not a fashion statement, ESG is at the core of our vision.

We believe that your background should not define your destination.

We’re committed to building a long-term sustainable community together with our employees, clients, partners and stakeholders. Our aim is to increase social
mobility and generate economic benefit in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

To create a nation without a country.


We will incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our sustainability strategy.
The following SDGs are identified as the most relevant to us:

Good health & well-being


Decent work and
economic growth


Sustainable cities
and communities

Responsible production
and consumption

In January 2023, we completed our first annual ESG report and included the mentioned KPIs.


Sustainable cities and communities

Our Coliving WN LAB Hotel is based on the principle of the sharing economy making housing inclusive, safe and affordable in urbanized regions.

Smart use of space, we’re transforming the hotel into thriving community for live, work and play, all under the same roof.

KPI – We measure the average use of sqm/person to work & live and the occupancy rate

Responsible production and consumption

Our WN team respects our mansion that is Earth. We always take sustainability into consideration when we make decisions about the renovation and operation of the WN LAB hotel

Current initiatives: Reuse or Re/upcycle furniture in the hotel – Only LED lights in bedrooms – ban of single use water bottles – access to filtered tap water in offices and communal kitchens – recycle plastic bottle caps for charity – collaboration with little nomads for handmade furniture and accessories

KPIs – Waste/capita & energy usage/capita


Good Health and Well-Being

Health and Wellbeing are at the forefront of our mission. We invest in the development of human capital for the benefit of employees and our community.  We empower people to take control over their work life balance. With our new nomadic economy proposition, our employees and clients have the freedom to choose for one another, putting their own time and needs at the forefront of every relationship.

Current initiatives include Remote/hybrid/office work schemes, everyone is free to choose the option that works best for her/him while respecting the needs of the project.

Reporting KPIs – Report on Absent figures and staff retention, Report on employee satisfaction, Internal training and communication initiatives


Gender equality

We proudly stand for people of all genders to have equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities. When we advertise job opportunities, screen CVs, interview and hire employees we give all genders the same access and promote and empower where appropriate.

Reporting KPIs – % of gender in WN, Gender pay gap report



Decent work and economic growth

Social mobility is what we stand for, we believe everyone, irrespective of where you were born, has the right to design their own life and future. We hire top talent from all over the world and deploy their services remmotely to clients worldwide.


Reporting KPIs – number of visa immigration processes we supported, % overview of nationalities employed by WorkNomads

Reduced inequalities

Diversity is one of our company values and we’re a strong believer that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies are essential for the wellbeing and success of our WorkNomads’ community. We empower and promote the inclusion of all, irrespective of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

Current initiatives: We don’t believe in titles we believe in people, so we don’t have managers, vice-presidents, directors in our team. Instead, we have spotters, universe booster, queen bee, gadget designer, alchemist, sparkling fairies, and many more We like to work as much as possible with a flat management structure and let people stand up and take responsibility when it’s their level of expertise or their drive to do so. We gave same rights of holidays for gay marriage despite local legislation, etc.

Reporting KPIs – % age/sex/race/ sexual orientation / disability

Do you have ideas for a better sustainable universe