We hire top talents from
all over the world

Become our employee in Bulgaria

Work remotely on projects worldwide

Minimum 6 months remotely from Bulgaria

Flexible coliving in WN LAB HOTEL & beyond

Other 6 months…oh well…

that’s completely up to you!

We do the
work while
you twork

The complexity and uncertainty of the tax and labour
regulations is often an obstacle for the nomadic lifestyle.

WorkNomads comes to the rescue by Hiring you as our
employee in Bulgaria.

Assisting you throughout the whole visa/work permit

Offering flexible coliving in our WN LAB Hotel

Facilitating opening local bank accounts

Immediate access to private health insurance

All….so you can enjoy the perks of living like a digital nomad!

Experienced or newbie digital nomad?
BUILD a nomadic
ALONGSIDE inspiring fellow WorkNomads
BELIEVE your background should never define your destination
CHOOSE your remote project-based jobs
AMBITIOUS clients & diversified industries
AUTONOMY over work life balance
ACCESS to community of
experts and resources
BOOST your
employee status

Recent Hires

F&B Manager, Sales & Marketing Specialist, Accountant, Ai Engineer, Quality Engineer, Piping Designer, DEV Ops Engineer, Project Manager, Chemical Engineer,

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Why we call it home

Vibrant start-up and entrepreneurial ecosystems

Flat rate 10% personal and corporate income tax

30% of Bulgaria is covered with forest

Lowest cost of living within EU

One of the fastest mobile internet speed
connections in Europe

So did we manage to peak your interest?

Outlive the future @ WN LAB Hotel

The future way of Living & Working

Inspiring Colive & Cowork under the same roof

All-inclusive hassle-free housing

Coworking, communal kitchens, bar,
restaurant, rooftop, laundry room and much more!

Spacious rooms with private bathrooms and
fully furnished

Flexible home base for our nomads with no long-term lease agreements & no deposits

 And the good news keep on coming…no need to break the bank for this!
Let’s break down the costs for a typical month.

Monthly Services & Utilities Private rent WN LAB HOTEL
Rent 450 €* 660 €**
Utilities 200 € Included
Cleaning (4 visits per month) 120 € Included
Changing towel & bedlinen (4 times per month) 20 € Included
High-speed Wifi 30 € Included
Laundry room 25 € Included
Coworking space 130 € Included
Parking 170 € Included
Gym 30 € Included
Water Dispenser 25 € Included
Weekly Yoga classes 25 € Included
Amazing community Missing frown Included smile
TOTAL MONTHLY SUM 1225 € 660 €

Your Savings

From 235 €/month

*Private Rents in this area are averaging 8€/sqm
**Based upon prices for WorkNomads employees in teepee rooms (sqm 30sqm), prices for igloo rooms (51sqm) and yurt rooms (70sqm) are between 700€ and 950€ per month.

Your biggest saving…..freedom to spend more time on
the things you love!!! Further explore our coliving

Frequently asked questions

1. What benefits will I receive?

Competitive market rate salary, Bonus up to 10% gross annual salary, Private health insurance, Monthly
compensation for wifi & mobile, 20 days holidays up to 25 days for flexible hours working scheme

2. Who will my employment contract be with?

Your employment contract will be with WorkNomads. We take on all the responsibilities, obligations
and tasks related to your employment.

3. Can WorkNomads help with my visa arrangements?

Yes of course, this is what we do! We will be your personal assistant throughout the whole administrative process. Please find a brief description of the process below

4. Can WorkNomads help with my relocation?

Absolutely our team will assist you in organizing your relocation. Our team of advisors can help you with all the actions you need to undertake in order to complete a relocation succesfully.

5. Is the job 100% remote?

This depends on the specific project you will be working on. We have two types of models, (i) remote which means the job is fully remote but with the requirement to reside at least 6 months per year in Bulgaria; (ii) hybrid which means the project requires a certain level of attendance in the office, the level really depends on the project and will be explained during the interview process.

6. What currency will I receive my salary in?

You will receive your salary in Bulgarian leva (BGN) – the local currency of Bulgaria and outlined in your employment contract. The BGN has a fixed rate currency against the EURO, 1 euro is 1.95583 BGN.

7. Will I be covered by social security programs in my location?

As you will be employed as a Bulgarian employee, you will be covered in Bulgaria. For any other coverage outside of Bulgaria, please contact our team for advice.

8. Will I be authorized to travel and work from abroad?

Yes there’re two types of travels: (i) the mandatory business trips for the specific projects which will include a daily allowance for your food and travel expenses and special insurance; (ii) your remote work outside of Bulgaria upon your own desire is authorized and even encouraged if the project allows this, but does not include a daily allowance and we encourage you to take up an international travel insurance.

9. How many months shall I be authorized to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria?

Bulgaria has a personal income tax and corporate tax of 10% and to fall under this fiscal administration, it’s required to stay and work at least six out of twelve months in Bulgaria.

10. The WorkNomads application process
  1. You’re keen to join our nomadic economy and send us your impressive CV via our career website
  2. Our Talent Spotters start immediately screening your talents to give you a yea or nay within 5 working days
  3. Yeah! You’re interviewed for a one-on-one with our Spotters to find out if you’re WorkNomads material
  4. You jumped through the first hoop and now it’s time for a second meeting and/or test to find out whether your qualifications match the requirements of the project you will be working on, fingers crossed!
  5. Congrats, it’s a match! You receive an offer from us and upon acceptance and after the necessary reference checks, you will electronically sign your employment contract!
  6. If you’re relocating from abroad, our team will simultaneously start to make the visa/work permit and relocation
  7. Welcome home… WorkNomads…a nation without a country
11. As an employee of WorkNomads can I use the the Coworking for free?

Yes! Yes! Not only, you can, but also:

  • Use our very own fitness because we believe a healthy body is a healthy mind!
  • Nourish you body with delicious meals and drinks in our restaurant and bar open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between
  • Get free parking slot
  • 2hours/day access of meeting rooms to have your important meetings or video calls sorted
  • Use extra screens to keep your focus
  • Access to our rooftop terrace enjoying spectacular mountain & city views
  • Can bring your favourite pet to work

Apart from all this joy, you can expect the usual coworking perks to be included:
work desks with internet access, ninja fast wifi, kitchen with complimentary coffee, tea and water, events, and much more.