5 tips for travelling solo

6 July 2022

Traveling alone can seem daunting and lead to questions like

‘What if things go wrong?

What if I feel lonely?’.

Keep reading our 5 major tips on how to deal with the anxiety that comes with traveling solo.

1. Do your research

This is the top travel tip for everyone’s survival – do your research! You can’t expect to just show up and everything to be prepared for you. Getting to know the destination beforehand is essential. Take time to see if you need a visa or if the country has any kind of restrictions.

2. Be confident

When travelling frequently it can become a bit isolating compared to leading a normal lifestyle. Thankfully, most major cities have communities with other digital nomads and travellers that you can connect with.
Facebook groups and Whatsapp chats are a good way to find new nomad friends. You can also ask for any information you need for your trip such as coworking spaces, local coffee shops and meetups.

3. Find your people

Living in such a digital age gives us the opportunity to stay connected no matter where we are. As well as that we can find new friends using social media. Facebook groups are a good source not only for information about the destination but to find communities of likeminded people where you are staying at.

Here is a list of some FB groups you can join:

Digital Nomads around the world

Digital Nomads Hub

Digital Nomads

4. Look at the local lingo

When staying for longer periods of time, it is useful to learn a few words in the language of the country you are visiting. Locals love to see people trying to speak their language, it’s a sign of respect not to expect everyone to know English. It is also a good icebreaker at parties with friends – bragging how many languages you know!

5. Stay safe

Last but not the least important tip, be aware of your surroundings and stay safe. Travelling alone can be rewarding but just as you would look after yourself in a group, be extra careful when alone. Be aware of local scams and look after your drinks when going out.

While going solo is challenging, it can be the most rewarding feeling as well. The hardest thing is the first step to it and trusting yourself that you are fully capable of doing it.

All that comes after is the experience gained during the many trips and eagerness to explore!

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