How to be a fully functioning resident of the WorkNomads Coworking Galaxy

1 August 2023

Elena Delcheva

So, you have decided to join the WorkNomads Universe and it’s your first day in the coworking, huh? Well, here is a heads-up of some of the rules we have set out in order for everyone to have a productive time.

A quick ‘How To’ guide to WorkNomads Coworking

1. Respect the quiet zones

We understand that everyone has urgent phone calls or Zoom meetings but please don’t be one of those people who yell on their phone in a reaaaaally quiet place. We have provided everyone with access to our phone booths, which are perfect for a quick call or for booking a meeting room for longer client meetings.

You can check if a room is available and when will it be available on our screen just as you enter the space, or just next to the meeting rooms themselves.
The quiet zone extends to individuals using noisy laptops, keyboards, or any other equipment. We specifically mention noisy keyboards because, well, let’s be honest, no one likes that dude. So, let’s create a peaceful and enjoyable environment for everyone!

2. Book your work desk

Welcome to our coworking space! If you’re new here, let’s quickly explain how our desk system works. We utilize a platform called Nexudus, where you can easily book and reserve various spaces within the coworking area, such as meeting rooms, phone booths, and, of course, desks.

Once you join, you have the freedom to choose your preferred desk, and it’s exclusively yours for the duration of your stay. No need to worry about fighting over desk space – everyone knows exactly where they’ll be working each day.

Here’s a bonus tip: Keep an eye on Nexudus to stay updated on the exciting events we have planned for each month. We’ve got some fantastic community activities waiting for you!

3.Kitchen rules

At our coworking space, we prioritize comfort for everyone, which is why we’ve set up a cozy kitchen and dining area as you enter. Just like any kitchen, we have a shared fridge that stores various items from different people. We kindly request that if it’s not yours, please refrain from taking it, even if there’s no name on it.

Almost there, just a few more things to cover!

To make things convenient for everyone, we’ve also hung up helpful signs. Some are friendly reminders, others inspiring messages.  Among the essential signs, there’s one emphasizing the significance of maintaining cleanliness. After all, who doesn’t prefer working in a tidy environment, right? And just as your mom probably also told you, we kindly request everyone to place their cups and dishes in the dishwasher rather than leaving them in the sink.

Let’s keep our workspace clean and enjoyable for all, together!

But we are not here to scold…

Our aim is to craft a handy ‘How To’ guide for newcomers, helping them familiarize themselves with the space and understand how everything works.

4.Bonus features:

  • Want to change up the scenery? Escape to our rooftop terrace with stunning views of Vitosha mountain. Enjoy regular events like Thursday happy hours and themed parties.
  • Enjoying the enormous screen, we have in the Event Horizon Hall? As a member of our coworking and coliving space, you are welcome to connect your laptop and do your own movie nights!
  • Calling all gym enthusiasts! Today is your lucky day! As a coworking/coliving member, you get the fantastic perk of 24/7 access to our gym on the 3rd floor! Get ready to pump some iron and stay fit whenever you please!
  • Believe it or not, but we’ve also got you covered with an underground parking facility! Yes, that’s right – we even have charging stations for electric vehicles. Your convenience is our priority! We love to be prepared, so whenever the WN Coworking meeting rooms are fully booked, you can always use the lounge area in the restaurant. It has the perfect combination of coziness and perfect spots for those client calls!

Now that we have this handy manual for the WorkNomads Coworking space,we’re excited to see you next time, exploring and enjoying all the cool features! See you soon!


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